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Speak Effectively. Speak Persuasively. SpeakEasy with Keya Grant!

Exclusively at POP Marketplace!

“It’s just as important to know what a perfect pitch is not,” says Grant. “It’s not a ‘sales pitch.’ Connect with your listener by telling them how you can solve their problems and move their businesses forward.”

Keya Grant is an entrepreneur and leading supplier diversity executive having spent more than 10 years developing and implementing diversity inclusion programs for companies such as Akraya (currently) and Randstad USA. As an expert on supplier diversity issues and a member of GWBC’s Events Committee, Grant has addressed dozens of audiences on a variety of topics. She joins the 2015 POP Marketplace as expert Coach of the SpeakEasy Business Pitch workshop designed to help participants optimize their message and delivery for any business occasion.

If you’re interested in telling your story more effectively, the SpeakEasy is a must-attend session where you’ll get individualized coaching, techniques and real-world role-play: Read on for a taste of what you’ll get during Grant’s session and be sure to bring first impressions!


  • What’s The Point? Briefly describe what it is that you sell/do. Do not go into full detail. Bring it to life by discussing how you can save them money or how your service addresses an unmet need.
  • Who Cares? Discuss WHO you are selling to immediately. Is it to another business or a consumer? What industry is it? What do they look like and what are their purchasing habits?
  • So Who Are You? Tell a little about you and your team’s background and achievements.
  • Well, Why Your Company? Simply being successful is not enough. You need to effectively communicate how your company is different and why you have an advantage over the competition. A better distribution channel? Key partners? Proprietary technology? Nuggets that set you apart should be sprinkled throughout your presentation.

SpeakEasy Coaches Include:

Keya Grant, The Connection Bureau
Marc Ensign, Sonoco
Eyvon Austin, The Coca-Cola Company
Dwan Armstrong, The Clorox Company
Monica Maldonado, InterPrint